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Student's Expression - A Short Dialogue About Pain,Relief, and Pleasure

A Short Dialogue About Pain, Relief, and Pleasure Expression
   Sometimes " Pain " expression we use to express our hurt, like:

  • Ouch!, It's very hurt
    When we got a joy, sometimes after a pain end, we use " Relief " and "Pleasure" expression, like :

  • ( Relief Expression ) : Hufft at last, Thanks God!
  • (  Pleasure ) : Fantastic
And this is my short Dialogue with my friends :
Weekend Accident
One day, Fachry jogging in the park. Suddenly, Fachry collided with the mysterious man
?Mysterious Man? : Ouch!, it’s really hurt...
Fachry : Oh, I’m Sorry, i don’t mean like this
?Mysterious Man? : Well, that’s okay. By the Way, Who are you?
Fachry : Ok, My name is Fachry, and you?
?Mysterious Man? : Fantastic, It’s very nice name i think, my name is Fadhil
Fachry : oh, thank you. Nice to meet you FadhilBut, what about your wound?
Fadhil : Oh well, i feel this still hurt, ah!
Fachry : Oh, i’m so sorry, i will bring you to my friends house, it’s not far from here
Fadhil : It sounds good, Ok i will go with you
Fachry and Fadhil go to Fachry’s friend house. When they got there....
Fachry : ok, we arrived. At Inarsih , my friend’s house. It’s a big and Fantastic house, isn’t it?
Fadhil : Yes, I think so
Inarsih : Hey Fachry!, what are you doing here?
Fachry : Oh, Hey. I’m going to here because of him. I think he wounded after collided with me, can you help him?
Inarsih : yes Of Course, ok, come in first to my house.
At living room....
Inarsih: Ok, take him to sit here. ( whispering to Fachry : Fachry, Can you introduce him to me please ? )
Fachry : Ok Very Well. He is Fadhil
Inarsih : ok, first, drink this tea. I think you will get better after drink this tea
Fadhil : Oh, It's very relaxing. Thanks
Fachry : But, How about your wound?
Fadhil : it still hurt, ouch......
Inarsih Mother ( Gita ) : what happen in here. My daughter? Oh, there is Fachry and...... who is him? Is he your new friends my daughter ? Or maybe your new boyfriend?
Inarsih : Oh, Mom this is Fadhil. he got wounded after collided with Fachry in park. Until now he still feel hurt, can Mom help him?
Inarsih Mother ( Gita ) : ok, i will help him.
After Inarsih Mother ( Gita ) help the boy...
Fadhil : Oh, that's a relief, Thanks God!.
Inarsih Mother ( Gita ) : What do you feel now?
Fadhil : I feel Great, Thanks a lot.
Inarsih Mother ( Gita ) : you’re welcome.

======================= The End ==========================
Explanation : The word with blue color, is the expression about Pain, Relief, and Pleasure

The groups : Fachry Achmad Faisal  (5)
                          Gita Safitri  (8)
                          Inarsih Meutia  (11)
                          M. Fadhil Amrullah  (17)

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